Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Concrete Couture: Williamsburg

I found Hannah shopping in a Brooklyn thrift store, and I couldn't help but stop her. From the printed tights to her drapy, gold overlay- I loved every bit of this look! And while Litas may not be for everybody, I think they always look best when paired with effortless style- not to make the outfit but to compliment it. Well done, we say!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creature of the Spring

"Pirate of the Spring" is what I more accurate called myself as I twirled around my friend Jamie's living room last summer, dancing to Cat Empire and celebrating our Jack's birthday. 'Twas a grand moment, and I think of it every time I don this floral crown- ha! 
I had originally paired this pretty lil pleats-&- lace number with the mint green Japanese shoes pictured below but then switched to the blush toned wedges. Never could quite decide which I preferred..what do you think??
Last week was so exciting- it finally started to feel like springtime in NYC! It was the berries getting to walk out in nothing more than a frothy dress and crown <3 Hope everyone else enjoyed as well! Of course, I have also relished the past couple of hazy, dreary days...always been a lover of extremes.
So sorry about my recent absence, it has been a crazy couple weeks. I am however working on some new, exciting blog features I will be debuting in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BMS Fashion Envie's Midsummer Jungle

In honor of Earth Week, I was invited to attend Fashion Envie's Midsummer Jungle presented by Beau Monde Society. Eco- love met NYC fashion at this highly anticipated "ecoventure" (how I wish I could take credit for that word) with a jungle themed feel. From the venue and refreshments to the runway show and art exhibited throughout, the entire night had a very organic-meets-highly stylish appeal to it, as all the items featured at the event were equally chic AND eco-friendly. In this vibrant corner of the world the two co-exist in perfect harmony and unison, eliminating the common, and frankly outdated, belief that the fashion forward and the eco-concious are mutually exclusive. 
And that is the goal of BMS founder and CEO, Jennifer Nnamani- as expressed best through her own company mantra- to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO. Jennifer is committed to creating a platform starting with our local fashion community that will open dialogue and bring attention to the traumas facing our planet. As you can see, Jennifer and her team are well on their way to grand success- starting with this smashing ecoventure and fashion event. We wish her all the best in her upcoming ventures and cannot wait to witness this gorgeous whirlwind continue to take the New York City fashion industry by a storm!

Rarely does such a worthy cause have such an appropriately fabulous advocate and if anyone can help continue to blend the worlds of fashion and eco-friendly, it is Jennifer Nnamani and Beau Monde Society.
Jennifer was surrounded by her beautiful, loving family the night of the event
It is easy to see where Jennifer gets her beauty in spirit and in the physical- the whole Nnamani family is just as gracious and lovely as she is. Especially her mother- pictured below with two of her daughters- who makes quite an impression. She is so charming and achingly chic! It was a true pleasure to meet them. More pics of them below.
Ceiling Art made by girls of Skraptacular- very impressive! Wonder if they'll make one for my home..?

 Runway & Artwork by Ian Chapman

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two wrongs make a right!

During our Buy-the-Bag thrifting extravaganza of last week I stumbled across these two loveable yet slightly ill-fitting gems. Despite my initial hesitation, I knew there was some way I could make them work, and they came home with me. Turns out the two oddballs- with the help of a trusty belt I found at home- made a perfect combination and my new favorite outfit was born! Dress-up playtime shenanigans ensue!!
There is something very "My Fair Lady" about this over the top hat..and I love it. Just add that and floral clutch to this pretty little confection and you have a perfect derby ensemble, hooray!
As always, the power of thrift prevails and we are reminded that an open mind is the best thing to take with you on a thrifting spree. So if you love it, take it home, and let your creativity take care of the rest!
(top, skirt, broach, earrings- thrifted/belt, wedges- UO)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Look du Jour: Day to Night Florals

Living in a city that is always on the go, a girl needs to be prepared! Such was the case last week when we attended the LookbookNU and Twelv Magazine hosted Spring Fashion Launch Party. After a day of running around the city, it was my trusty wedges and carry all handbag that got me through to the night time! Because I was going to be running around, I decided to keep my makeup and hair natural, unfussy, which prove to be a good move. Live music, open bar, mingling, and dancing- the night was a blast, ending with McDonald's on an LES stoop. Well played!
(blue blazer- UO/ white tank, floral bottoms HM/burgundy wedges CottonOn)
 I think this classic blue/pink color combinations will be one I'll be turning to throughout spring time, love it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Look du Jour: Seersucker & Pearls

In my heart, I know Coco Chanel would have approved of this outfit. Sure, she would have insisted I discard an accessory or four. But from the the minimal color palette to the chapeau and layers of pearls, the chic mademoiselle would not have been able to resist this casual, borrowed from the boys look. 
 I do admit...I have always been a fool for seersucker. At the core, there is an old south, dapper quality to it, but at it's peak it can definitely adopt a grand dandy-man feel which I adore. These particular trousers were scooped up at our marathon buy-the-bag thrifting day for one whole US dollar. I do believe we'll be seeing more of these throughout the spring.
(tuxedo blouse, men's seersucker trousers, leopard print lace-up shoes- thrifted/ pearl necklace, chapeau, stripe belt- buffalo exchange/ handbag- UO)

Thanks to my sis-n-law, Lizeth, for making these gorgeous, framed monograms with vintage buttons for my husband & I, they are possibly one of my favorite gifts ever! And they seem to fit right in with this 20's inspired ensemble<3

Monday, April 15, 2013

Subway Couture: Vintage on the F train

Wanted to share this sweet little bundle of awesome we discovered on the F train this weekend. From the pretty, bright hair and jewels to the lovely coat and cat eyes, everything about her screamed vintage, glamour, and fun! She offered to give me a posed photo but I liked this candid one. We exchanged compliments instead of names- mine for her whole look, hers for my style and gradient nails- before I had to jump off. But something tells me we'll cross paths again...for as many people that navigate this city, New York can be quite a tiny place. Here's hoping!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thrifting like it's my job..

We got an early start Saturday morning and hit the thrift stores a' running! And when I say running I mean more like speed walking...running in is against the rules. Buy the Bag at The Housing Works Thrift Shop in Brooklyn, NY was a blast! It is just you, 40 large cages stacked with goodies, and your fellow Olympic worthy thrift store enthusiasts, all going for the gold. As the dusts settles, all that's left is devoured bins and the lot of us- heaving and love drunk- left to examine the goods we scored during our hunt. We all leave fat and happy, having gorged merrily on all the thrifting one could handle for the day, with our $25 shopping bags stuffed to the absolute brim. I loved every moment.
 We ended up making a day of it- just three girls with luggage and laundry bags full of thrift store scores wandering the neighborhood, eating lunch on a stoop, and searching for an "underground art party" promising free wine which we never find, eventually deciding on a quick impromptu photo shoot before heading home, all within a four block radius...only in New York! 
Below are a few shots of my favorite finds. You will see them again shortly. 
I could not wait to put on this scarf as a turban. Marie gave me some new turban tips and I am officially hooked!
 equestrian style blazer and seersucker
 white trench for spring- tho my hunt for the perfect khaki one continues
 and a 60's style winter coat
 a shawl posing as a blanket posing as a cape...yes, please
this 80's- reminiscent of Victorian- beauty
 tribal jumper and fringe leather bag
 These were easily my two favorite pieces: a pastel pink column skirt perfect for spring and this white shirt has all the qualities I need to harbor infatuation- vintage, polka dot, sheer, over sized, collared, button down WITH pretty buttons...did I mention it's white?? Yes, the obsession with all things blanc continues.
They just don't make 'em like that anymore... <3